Karmen - Punjabi (Official Video)
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Music: Vlad Lucan, Achi, Adrian Simionescu, Stinga Adelina
Lyrics: Krishane, Stinga Adelina
Produced by Vlad Lucan & Achi

Regie: Raluca Netca
DOP: Alex Chitu
Styling: Daria Georgescu
Hairstyling: Sebastian Sarghie
Make up: Roxana Georgiana

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guess I’m not the only one
so tonight we gonna party loud
saucin' like I’m 21
all them boys they wanna take me out
take me to Himalaya
put the icing with the cherry on top
to Himalaya
take it easy for me na na na

if you know that you got it really good
say hell yeah
you ain’t got all the money but you good
say hell yeah
yea, I’ll take you to the top

hands up and watch me rock my body
my heartbeat pumpin'
lean back and watch me dance punjabi
my heartbeat jumpin'
don’t you know, you’ll be on a roll
everybody loves what you coookin, yea
don’t you know, we’ll be on a roll
can you see that gold, we’ll be shinin, yea

fill me up another one
flexin' like 1999
crazy doin' body shots
there’s no way I’m going home tonight
take me to Himalaya
to the heights and never let me go down
to Himalaya
take it easy for me na na na

c part:

don’t take me down
let Himalaya be our playground
no, no don’t take me down
from Himalaya so be ready now
I think I found you
don’t take me down, me down, me down
so be ready now, now
no, no don’t take me down, me down, me down
so be ready now now

Music video by #Karmen performing the single "Punjabi". (C) & (P) 2020 #ATOM
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