Why The SHREK/Minions Crossover is a Bad Idea!
Description: The people behind the Minions are remaking Shrek, and that's terrible news. Here's why.


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Shrek has been a beloved character since 2001. It's one of the best stories of our lifetime. Even Shrek memes are nowadays keeping his legacy alive as we are approaching 20 years since the movie initially came out. 20 years! That's two decades of Shrek and Fiona and Donkey and Puss In Boots, and all of the other beloved characters that Dreamworks Studios have created! And now there's Chris Meledandri, the founder of Illumination Entertainment who comes in and announces he's going to reboot Shrek. Excuse me?? This guy made Despicable Me, Minions, and other such bad movies. Can you imagine a Minion Shrek? I think not! We must stop this!
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