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Description: Welcome to the Top 50 Most Subscribed in the World 24/7 Live Stream! This is a real time count of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the world! Watch as your favorite channels battle it out for the higher spot on the leader board. The rivalry with PewDiePie and T-Series is still among us, come and watch this intense battle. This is the TOP 50 YouTuber Subscriber Count. Music channels will be shown because they have video uploads and aren't only music videos. Channels that are owned by YouTube such as "Gaming" or "Music" are considered categories because they do not have videos. They will not be shown on this stream.

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➤Top 10 Donations:

1. ThaDeFender - $101.00 USD
2. Oh_Yeah_Yeah - 100.00 USD
3. rl Records レイブ - $38.03 USD
4. Tornadokid 34 - 14.99 USD
5. 風Aeolu̶s̶ - $14.16 USD
6, Sub4sub - $10.00 USD
6. Michael Stefan - $10.00 USD
7. Z Babkow - $9.99 USD
8. MrWaffles3_YT - $7.80 USD
9. Serena Mota - $5.00 USD
9. Prestonzz Flipss - $5.00 USD
10. Craniacs - $4.99 USD
10. Bryan Lallo - 4.99 USD

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