PewDiePie vs T-Series & Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp Blackout – Today’s Biggest News

YouTube is big business, its most popular creators earn tens of millions of dollars a year…

But for a while now the two channels with the most subscribers have been in a hotly contested battle.

A video game, a million dollar bill board, and vandalism.

They're all fairly intense ways fans have tried to keep PewdiePie the most subscribed to channel on YouTube.

He's been #1 for a long time, but recently T-Series briefly took top spot. It's a channel from India that posts a lot of Bollywood music.

Many Pewdiepie fans say their extreme efforts to win the 'subscriber war' are because they want to support an individual creator rather than a company, although PewDiePie isn't exactly doing it tough. He's got an estimated worth of $28 million.

And it's not doing either channel any harm, both have seen big subscriber increases recently... , and bring in a lot of advertising money. But the way this online fight has spread into the real world has had real life consequences.



Measles is a nasty infectious disease. Which, thanks to vaccines, Australia managed to basically wipe out a few years ago. But recently we've been seeing measles outbreaks popping up again

Experts reckon there are a couple of reasons why this might be happening, like people not being immunised properly. Overseas travellers bringing it over from countries where it's still a bigger problem. And also, people refusing to vaccinate their kids.

There's a small group people called anti-vaxxers who think vaccines are dangerous, even though Doctors & Scientists say that immunisations are safe & important, and have helped wipe out diseases like polio & rubella in Australia.

The World Health Organisation says that anti-vaccine ideas are one of the top 10 biggest health threats in 2019.

And platforms like YouTube and Facebook have announced they're taking steps to try and crackdown on misleading info.



If you've had trouble refreshing or logging into Facebook and Instagram today, you're not alone.

Facebook and its family of apps have had its worst outage ever with a disruption that's affected users right around the world.

Some people have been freaking out, others have been embracing the opportunity for a meme on Twitter, which is still up and running.



For the first time in 10 years, Australia's cricket team has beaten India in an ODI series in their own backyard!

The Aussies won the final match of the series by 35 runs, thanks to another century from Usman Khawaja. His 2nd in just 3 matches! The victory was also the Aussies first ODI series win in more than 2 years! Super exciting stuff ahead of the World Cup.



Aussie thrillseeker Jaeger Stone cruised his way to a big win at this extreme windsurfing Storm Chase event off the Irish Coast.



The driver of this car was having a completely normal day, cruisin' along a highway next to an airport, when this happened.

Thankfully this very close call didn't end in disaster. No-one was seriously injured.



And finally, this baby bottlenose dolphin got itself into a pretty uncomfortable situation, fishing line wrapped around its body, tail and mouth.

Luckily, a team of vets and scientists managed to untangle the mess. And before long, he was ready to cruise again.


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