Bollywood's dark secret -  a BBC investigation.
Description: While many have talked about the MeToo moment in Hollywood and sexual harassment in Hollywood, few have discussed how prevalent it is in Bollywood, India’s largest film industry. A BBC investigation uncovered evidence that sexual harassment in Bollywood is widespread, but that for fear or recriminations few are willing to speak openly.

The Indian media didn’t cover the story, it took a BBC team to reveal the scale of the problem. We covered the story on a range of platforms, from TV to Radio to online – and our reporting made a huge impact.

It was picked up in the Indian press and started a much needed conversation around an issue which has been stigmatised. As one Indian journalist wrote, “ this documentary might be the linchpin for Bollywood’s MeToo movement.”

It was also translated into many different Indian regional languages, gaining wider coverage.

It was not easy to encourage the women to talk to us – even the big names we secured were nervous – but through sensitive reporting, persistence, and a value on the importance of this story, the team were able to highlight a very important issue, which might have otherwise gone uncovered.
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